Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi collection has it all. It collects and perfects all of the best design features representative of the HÅG brand. A HÅG chair will forever change your concept of sitting. At its core our unique HÅG inBalance® intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion (BalancedMovementMechanism™), without you having to think about it. Experience HÅG SoFi.

Every HÅG chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles. And HÅG SoFi is at the forefront of sustainable development. Today it is the most sustainable task chair collection in the industry, compared to other chairs with similar functionality and comfort. Components mainly consist of recycled and recyclable material. We do not use any harmful chemicals. And no glues. A preliminary carbon footprint of 63 kg CO2 is the best in its class.

Endless styles and possibilities. You’ve come to expect only the best from HÅG – and you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve taken all the best features from our existing HÅG collections to design a complete and perfect chair to “Stand out” in appearance and to “Fit in” with your work space.

We are proud to present our latest innovation. HÅG SoFi has it all – the best of everything with no compromises. That’s why we like to think of our new chair as a small revolution.

Product Origin: Scandinavia

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