Twisted little star

A quality table with a different shape. Several tables can be connected like a jigsaw puzzle to create larger units. When the table is not in use, chairs can be shoved all the way under the edge. Despite the size of 125 x 125 cm, eight people can comfortably sit around the table. 

Its playful name alone can make you happy. Twisted Little Star is a table with many qualities. It’s unique and smart shape will stimulate the atmosphere of any office, library, canteen or meeting room. Designed to bring people closer together, several tables can be connected like a jigsaw puzzle in order to create a larger unit. When not in use chairs can be tucked away under its edge. This is pure craftsmanship. A multiplex table top surface available in various colour. The table comes with legs in solid oak, dark stained or white stained colours. 

Designer: Ørjan Djønne og Marius Sveen, Bare Møbler
Product Origin: Scandinavia

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