At Kubis, we are powered by providing "beauty that enriches the space and mind."

Kubis showcases a curated collection of local and international products from leading brands and designers around the globe. As the sole distributor of Italy's prestigious Sinetica range, we pride ourselves on delivering products that embody a unique versatility and design integrity that speaks for itself.

Bringing over 30 years of experience within the commercial space we work with our clients to provide a solution that is innovative and on budget. Our diverse team bring together a myriad of skills to offer additional services such layout and planning assistance to provide a service that ensures our clients confidence in the integrity of all of our products.

Our Sydney manufacturing facility enables us to produce and stock our own collection of Kubis designed commercial task and lounge seating that is functional, sustainable and of timeless beauty.

We are committed to the integration of environmental sustainable principles with both our partners and products. The absolute commitment to quality and the environment is reflected through our partners products accreditations including AFRDI, the international standards 14001 and 9001 for environmental sustainability.

Constantly thinking outside the box, we change the Kube to evolve your thinking.


Kubis showcases a curated collection of local and international products from leading brands and designers around the globe. As the sole distributor of Italy's prestigious Sinetica range, we pride ourselves on delivering products that embody "enriches the space and the mind".

Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vancouver, Canada that produces distinctive lighting and artistic installations. Founded in 2013 by Matthew McCormick, the studio designs, manufactures, and globally distributes McCormick’s own distinctive collections. In addition to creating bespoke, sculptural lighting, all products are made in Canada by a network of committed young manufacturers and craftsmen.


The company, the beating heart of the Group, is located in Osoppo in the province of Udine. Fantoni is a successful industrial entity on the international market of in the production of office furniture, chipboard and MDF panels. From the self-production of energy to the development of new materials, from the ergonomic research to sustainable design, from the production of glues and resins to cultural promotion the circuit is constantly renewed as we keep our eye on an unchanging goal: people and their health and comfort. The historical landmark which features the company philosophy is the Multipli project, a range of furniture meant to meet the requirements of office environments designed by architect Gino Valle in 1968. This solution aimed at overcoming the concept of office as a ‘top-down structure’ in favour of an open system in constant evolution by using modularity of dimensions and shapes of the different elements, left bare of all useless decorative or functional details, including handles. The basic concept of the Multipli collection with its unmistakable 45° angle - that visually cancels the thickness of the tops making of the single piece a perfect volume  - can be found in most of Fantoni’s both operative and executive collections. The plants in Rivoli di Osoppo cover an area of about 1 square kilometre and employ a staff of 700 people.


To us ‘inspire great work’ means being at the forefront delivering furniture perfection.
Designing for well-being and performance, we aim to inspire the great work of our customers, across the globe.

In an ever changing world, we take on a human centered, deep design thinking approach. We create innovative, visual concepts, turning them into fulfilling environments in collaboration with other skillful professionals. Our supportive specialists are at the service of our customers and partners, to furnish practically any space for work or public use.

At the core of our business we keep a long-term perspective. All products are designed and manufactured with a minimum environmental impact in mind, while maintaining a high lifetime value. For this work we are both awarded and certified.


Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes.
The collection is the result of a careful and accurate research aimed to create industrial design products with original shapes made of plastic, metal, wood as well as upholstered.
A wide range of chairs, tables, complements and lamps exclusively manufactured in Italy at company production sites through a design process which combines tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance. The production technologies experimentation, the use of different materials and the cooperation with many designers have allowed Pedrali to achieve important awards such as the Compasso d'Oro ADI for the Frida chair.


RBM was established in 1975.

In 1998 RBM acquired the company Smithco Line, which manufactured canteen and conference furniture, and built a new factory and showroom in Vissenbjerg on Fyn in Denmark. A year later the companies merged into the RBM Group A/S. The company grew through the acquisition of the Dutch project furniture factory CAR in 2002. The same year all activities were merged into one company: RBM A/S.

In 2004 RBM A/S acquired the Norwegian office chair manufacturer STÅL OG STIL. In 2006 all manufacturing was moved to Fjerritslev in Denmark. Ratos, a Swedish investment company, acquired 100% of the shares in RBM and Swedish RH Form. In 2007 the Norwegian office chair manufacturer, HÅG, was added to the Ratos Group. The company was founded in June 2007 and changed its name to Scandinavian Business Seating in the autumn of 2008 following an integration and consolidation process in 2007 between the companies HÅG, RH Form and RBM. From 2014 Scandinavian Business Seating is backed by solid owners, the private equity investment firm Triton.


HÅG has been developing, producing and marketing original office chairs since 1943. Our brand is among the leaders in Europe and HÅG products are available virtually anywhere in the world.

Today, HÅG is part of Scandinavian Business Seating, Scandinavia’s leading group in the design and production of office chairs and seating solutions for private and public office environments. The group owns the Scandinavian brands HÅG, RBM and RH, which work together to realise the group’s vision to: “Make the world a better place to sit”.

Emporium Lights

Our commitment to innovation manifests itself in the conducting of research into all new production systems and into materials that have never been used before, that enables us to stay ahead of the curve in relation to styles and customs, and to throw ourselves into the design of highly unusual lamps.

Plart Design

PLART DESIGN is an Italian brand of designer objects made of polyethylene: Pots, Seating, Lamps, Tables, Furnishings and Lighting Furniture.

Born from the idea and intuition of a group of young in partnership with one of the most important Italian industry, the Cornaglia Group, with the aim of spreading the MADE IN ITALY design through a selection of products with a unique style and contemporary aesthetic.

With a strong focus on design combined with the use of advanced technology, our products are suitable for indoors and outdoor use in both residential and commercial environments.

All products are designed and manufactured in Italy from polyethylene, a non-toxic type of plastic which is 100% recyclable, eco sustainable, shock and UV resistant and will sustain temperatures from -60° to 80° C.

Each product is available in different version and colours making it easy to compliment any interior or exterior deco.


Iplex is strongly focused on the evolution of design tends and practicality of Plexiglas. the experience gained in two generations of high tech taste and style innate, allow today to Iplex to transform a concept into an object: furnishings, furniture, accessories and lighting, they all are essential items in the domestic and commercial landscape.

Emporium Living

Our Commitment to discover the lifestyles of future, with their emerging requirements and necessities, makes us an essential partner for those who want to try out new colours, materials and shapes in their own environment.