At Kubis, we are powered by our commitment to sustainability.

Kubis is a wholly owned and operated Australian business, with a fully committed and global approach to minimising environmental impact through the diverse, high quality European products we stock and through our design and manufacturing processes

It is estimated that the building and housing sector is responsible for the use of almost 30% of all materials extracted from the natural environment. With building, the furniture and paper industries are the main consumers of timber products. Therefore questions of sustainable forestry or the quality of wood-based material and use of plastic and metals are closely connected questions, which Kubis can answer.

For over 7 years Kubis has managed every process within our business in accordance with ISO 14001 standards, also represented through the practices and accreditations of our European partners Sinetica, which also include ISO 9001,ISO 14001, FSC Chain of Custody, CATAS Certification and Panello Ecologico.

Our long-term environmental vision is enhanced to the power of three by our 3R action principles: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.  These principles are incorporated through all Kubis operations and include initiatives such as:

- The Kubis Production System (KPS) of reducing the stages of the traditional manufacturing process by over 65%

- New products are designed for afterlife use and as a benchmark are 95% recyclable

- Reducing the environmental load of all business activities

- Incorporating “Green design principals” in developing new product lines to include non-toxic & recycled material which require little energy to process.  All new products are designed for afterlife use and are therefore 95% recyclable